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Husband and wife team Matt and Angela Moller, along with a little help from their four children/apprentices, are the hearts and hands behind the creations at Homestead Design.

Matt, a longtime plumber and all-around handy guy, felt called to use his skills and creativity in a new way. Angela, a graphic designer, had an itch to bring her paintbrushes out of retirement. Both had the desire to create a way of life that would allow them to prioritize family time and togetherness. So in late 2016, the vision for Homestead Design was born.

Our goal is to spread smiles using our God-given gifts and talents, to help you give thoughtful and unique gifts that make your loved ones feel special, and to help your home tell a story with meaningful decor.


It all started with a coffee table.

Ang, a garage sale junkie, brought home a rickety old red-painted coffee table that took center stage in our living room for years. That old table always frustrated Matt, who is all about quality workmanship....he just knew that it wouldn't hold up to day-to-day use in a busy home full of kids. So Matt built a beautiful rustic-industrial table that perfectly combined Ang's love of farmhouse decor with his industrial background, and the piece attracted lots of attention and compliments from visitors. People suggested that Matt should sell his furniture, and after building several more pieces, he was beginning to agree. Matt took the plunge and started his business, and soon after, Ang asked him to whip up some wooden signs for her to tinker with. Using a combination of custom graphics and hand painting, her signs quickly gained popularity as well. Matt's geometric mosaics are a beautiful combination of his eye for detail, his precision-quality work, and his artistic talents for blending colors and patterns.

The Homestead Design furniture and decor collections continue to grow as we incorporate new ideas all the time. By combining Matt's construction expertise and woodworking talents with Ang's graphic design and painting skills, the possibilities are literally endless.

Our creations are  available for purchase at select home decor shops, by ordering directly from us via our online shop, our Facebook page or via email, and at various local festivals. We also have a storefront called The Homestead Boutique, located at 415 East William Street in Albert Lea, MN.

ABOUT THE TEAM...it really is a family business.


Once upon a time, Matt was a residential plumber who earned the nickname "Meticulous Matt" for the attention to detail and precision he put into each job he tackled. However, his high quality craftsmanship was hidden inside walls and underneath sinks. These days Matt's work is taking center stage as he puts his skills to use in creating beautiful home decor of the highest quality.


Ang has been a graphic designer for her whole career, and continues to do that work on a freelance basis. She also gets to exercise her creativity by designing our line of signs, pillows and t-shirts, as well as running The Homestead Boutique and managing our social media and marketing.



Our four kids, also known as The Homestead Helpers, are the "why" behind this business. We want them to learn by our example that it's possible to build a career around our God-given gifts and talents, that it's rewarding to enrich the lives of others, and that life is too short to do anything less than work you love.

The Homestead Helpers pitch in at our local events, where they assist kids in craft projects, and they also help out in our home office and workshop as well as at The Homestead Boutique from time to time.