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A little bit about us...

Hello there! We're the Moller family! Homestead Design is our handmade business, based on our old family homestead in rural Minnesota. Since we've been gaining lots of new fans and followers outside our immediate area (which is wonderful...welcome!) we thought we'd tell you a little bit about ourselves. Matt (the craftsman) and Angela (the designer/artist) have been married for 17 years. They both grew up in the country (Matt had horses, Ang grew up on a crop and beef cattle farm) and they wanted their kids to have a rural childhood as well. For the past ten years, the Moller family has lived on the old homestead that previously belonged to Matt's grandparents. Our historic acreage is filled with memories from the past as well as the new ones we continue to create. We enjoy sharing our home with our friends and family, and it truly is our favorite place to be. That love of home is a big reason why we do what we do, which is spreading warmth and charm "from our homestead to yours." Matt worked as a plumber for 15 years, and that very demanding job was taking its toll. When our youngest child started kindergarten in the fall of 2016, that new chapter in our family's life seemed to be the perfect time to try something new. Ang, a graphic designer, had been working from home as a freelancer for ten years and was no stranger to the self-employment gig. While she was well aware that working from home was not for the faint of heart, the flexibility it offered the family was priceless. We'd already figured out how to work around things like healthcare and other benefits that can be a sticking point for people considering self-employment, so we were ready to make the leap. So in late 2016, Homestead Design was born. What began with Matt's interest in building rustic industrial furniture quickly developed into home decor, with our rustic wooden signs gaining incredible popularity. Our local community was a fantastic support, greeting us with tons of enthusiasm at our hometown festival debut. That support energized us to branch out into other areas, and retail opportunities soon followed. We continue to sell our creations online via Facebook, Instagram and our website (with Etsy soon to come) and are incredibly grateful for our many happy customers. And what about the kids? There are four of them, ranging in age from 7-15. They all help with the business in various ways, from sanding and painting to working at our festival booths. While being a work-at-home family is very time-consuming and exhausting, we enjoy working together as a team and teaching our kids by example how rewarding entrepreneurship can be. We believe that using your God-given gifts and talents is the recipe for happiness, and we're teaching our kids to embrace their creativity and try new things. So there you have it...the Homestead Design story in a nutshell! We just love to create meaningful gifts and decor that helps your home tell a story.

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