• Angela Moller

Our real-life (not Pinterest-perfect) paper organizing system...

Updated: Apr 29

There are organizing tips everywhere on Pinterest, but some of them aren't always realistic for the everyday family. Some of the bloggers who write about the ideas are naturally super organized people, and some of their ideas may seem a little easier said than done.

But what about those of us who struggle with organization, or whose lives are so busy that it makes it difficult to keep the daily mail sorted amidst the chaos? Those of us who naturally tend to pile rather than file? I'm going to share the system that has worked really well for us for years. I think it's an attainable amount of organization...a calendar and clipboards as well as some baskets for the inevitable piles. It might not be Pinterest-perfect, but it keeps our busy family on the right track week after week.

Watch our video to hear all about it!

Enjoy! Ang & Matt

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