• Angela Moller

Legos are magical

Updated: Apr 29

Ah, the superpower of Legos. They can bring a grown woman to her knees when she steps on them. Powerful, but that's not the superpower I'm talking about.

What I'm talking about is the power Legos have to bring a family together. To get siblings to interact. To entice sullen teens to look away from their phones.

As kids grow up, they naturally play with toys less and less. They're maturing and becoming busy with other interests. Maybe tv, video games, or phones capture their attention. Younger kids might seem to outgrow their toys earlier than their older siblings, possibly because they're following in those more mature footsteps. It can be a bittersweet realization when you see those favorite toys, those reminders of sweet childhood days gathering dust.

No matter the ages of your children, I'd like to challenge you to try this harmless little experiment. Find a bin or basket, something that's not intrusive and will blend with your living room. Toss a few handfuls of Legos in that basket. They don't need to be matching set that will assemble an aircraft carrier. Just a few handfuls of random Legos. Place the Lego basket on your coffee table or in a corner of your living room and don't say anything about it.

Watch carefully, and see if you notice that those magical Legos just might entice kids...even teens...to play a little bit while they're watching tv. See if you notice a little bit of childlike creativity returning to your home. See if siblings might spend a few peaceful minutes side-by-side rather than squabbling.

The Lego basket in our home has since evolved into a Lincoln Log basket as well. It's been fun to see our teen daughter and her friends acting like kids again, having some simple fun while they watch a movie together. And it's heartwarming that our younger kids are encouraged not to grow up too fast, when they know that their older siblings will join them in playing at their level.

We hope the Lego basket will work its magic in your family the way it has in ours!

Blessings from our homestead to yours,

Ang & Matt

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