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Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 3 - Bathroom Cabinet

Updated: Apr 29

Today we're going to try to find one small area of the bathroom that you can simplify. Whether you have a big or small bathroom, one bathroom or multiples, lots of storage or just a little, you can utilize some of these little tips to bring some order to this high-traffic room.

  • First, think about the toiletry items that you use on a daily basis, either for getting ready in the morning or for going to bed at night. Grab all those essentials and set them aside.

  • Where can you keep those daily-use items? Whether it's in a vanity, a medicine cabinet, a closet, or a basket on the counter, try to identify an area that can contain the majority of those necessities.

  • Are there other less-used items crowding this space? Let's see if we can rethink a few of those things. And while we're at it, spend a minute tossing anything that's empty, expired, or unused.

  • Medicines: can you corral all of those items into a bin that can be stored elsewhere? They don't necessarily have to live in the bathroom. Cough medicine that is only used for the occasional cold doesn't need to be front and center with your facial moisturizer. Putting like items in a container like a plastic bin or shoebox makes it easier to find what you're looking for. It also makes better use of a deep cabinet.

  • Band-aids: put all the first-aid type items in a little container. If bathroom space is limited, this bin could be stored in a hall closet or kitchen cabinet. This will keep them from getting lost in the shuffle of all the other bathroom stuff.

  • Extra toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, whatever: It's handy to keep extras of some items that you don't want to run out of, but they don't need to take up prime real estate. Stash duplicates out of the way, and when you run out of something, check that bin before adding it to your shopping list.

  • Towels: You might be storing more towels than you really need, and they eat up a LOT of storage space. In our house, I like to keep about two towels per person, and maybe a couple extras for guests. Any more than that takes up more space than I'm willing to dedicate to towels.

  • If you're energized to do more after you've done the quick challenge, click here for another video with more bathroom tips!

  • >>>Remember, if you're participating in the spring cleaning challenge, don't worry about what to do with the extra items you want to get rid of. Just toss them in a box and set them aside. We'll deal with that after the challenge is done. <<<

By creating space for the most important items and finding alternative storage for the lesser-used things, you can begin and end your day with a little more ease and a little less frustration.

Blessings from our homestead to yours!

Ang & Matt

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