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Spring Cleaning Mini Challenge Day 2 - Sock Drawer!

Updated: Apr 29

It might seem silly to worry about your sock drawer when you probably have an entire closet you could be organizing. But I've found that by spending a few minutes on a small area, you can make a BIG difference in your daily life. And that success just might motivate you to work another small area, creating an awesome snowball effect!

Here's my theory on sock drawers in video and written formats...take your pick:

  • Maybe they don't need to live in your dresser. Assess whether or not you're using your storage space wisely, or if there's another spot the socks can live, freeing up dresser space for other clothing. In my case, I keep my socks in my nightstand drawer that wasn't previously used for much of anything. Socks can also go in a basket or decorative box that sits on your dresser or on a shelf in your closet. Think outside the dresser drawer. Socks are an easy thing to stash elsewhere. It'll make your shirts happier to have more space to spread out.

  • Take out all the socks and sort them into categories. You might have athletic socks, dressy socks, fun novelty socks, and fuzzy socks.

  • Get rid of socks that are stretched out or have holes or that you hate. Life is too short for icky socks, and nothing can ruin your day like your toe sticking out through a hole. >>>If you're working on our SPRING CLEANING MINI CHALLENGE, don't worry about what to do with the socks you're purging. Just toss them in a box out of the way and we'll talk about that part after the challenge.<<<

  • Keep only the number of socks that will comfortably fit in their assigned home. By keeping more than you have space for, you just make it harder to find what you need and harder to put things away.

  • If you're short on socks now that you've purged the ones you don't like, treat yourself to a new package. There's nothing like fresh socks. (And believe me, I know that sometimes a package of socks doesn't always fit into your weekly budget. Those suckers aren't cheap. Add them to your want list (find out about the list here) and treat yourself as soon as your budget allows! You're worth it!) SIDENOTE: Next time I buy socks, I think I'm getting gray ones because I cannot keep white socks clean! :) I have my eye on these Adidas ones - I like the no-show style and the fun colors!

If you're inspired to take this a step further, continue to your t-shirt or pajama drawer using the same process. Or work on the kids' sock drawer if you're feeling really brave! (Kids' socks have a mind of their own in our house!)

The sock drawer seems like a simple, silly thing to worry about, but when we address those little areas that slow us down or cause us to be frustrated or stressed, the simplicity we add to our day will add to our overall happiness and contentment!

Blessings from our homestead to yours!

Ang & Matt

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