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Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 5 - Wild Card!

Updated: Apr 29

Choose any little area of your home that ends to be a trouble spot. Just 5-10 minutes can make a difference, and if you're on a roll after that you just might want to spend a little more time!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Your nightstand: toss garbage, take water glasses to the kitchen, put extra books away, and add a little something that you wish you had handy at bedtime but always forget (such as lotion, a nail file, a notepad and pen.)

  • Pens/notepads: make sure you have at least one place in your home where everyone knows they can find a pen and paper. There might be multiple areas these things accumulate, but having at least one designated spot as your go-to is helpful. Toss a bunch of dried up pens and broken pencils, and round up a few good pens to keep in this spot. It's one of those simple things that makes life SO much easier.

  • Under the kitchen sink: maybe your garbage can lives here, maybe it's full of household cleaners, or maybe you stash your grocery bags here like we do. Spend just a few minutes decluttering and wiping down this area.

  • Fridge: It takes just a few minutes to toss out expired stuff and wash the empty containers, and then you'll be left with a cleaner fridge that makes it easy to find the good stuff and put your groceries away! It'd be great to make this a habit each week before you do your grocery shopping.

  • Magazines: Living rooms tend to have at least one corner that has a stack of magazines that could be downsized. Or maybe you have a family member who has their special "spot" in the living room and lots of clutter tends to pile up around their favorite chair. Dump the trash, take the dishes to the kitchen, and maybe add a basket to corral the odds and ends.

For a little comic relief, here's a video of Matt's clutter frustration rant. This may or may not be a reenactment of actual situations that take place in our home. And no, he's not a professional actor. :)

Spend just a few minutes addressing one problem area, and enjoy the difference it makes!

Blessings from our homestead to yours!

Ang & Matt

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