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Spring Cleaning Day 4 - Entryway

Updated: Apr 29

This challenge might be a bit different for everyone, depending on what type of entryway you have, how many people live in your home, and how messy they are. :) For instance, we have a small back porch at our farmhouse, filled with muddy boots and lots of gear for our family of six. You might be starting with less mess than we are!

Here are a few quick tips to spruce up your entry for spring:

  • Put the shoes where they belong. If they don't belong anywhere, think about incorporating some type of cubby or shelving or basket system. Your family members might not always put their shoes away, but it's nice to have a home for them so that you can do a quick cleanup when you need to.

  • Sweep or vacuum. Spring is messy, the floor could probably use some attention.

  • Make sure there's a basket or bin for hats and gloves or whatever outdoor gear tends to get dropped in this area. Spring is going to arrive in Minnesota one of these days, but until then, the mittens still need a landing spot.

  • Consider creating space for activity gear. Our son likes to fish, so his tackle box and fishing pole have a place in our porch. (Most normal people probably keep those types of things in their garage, I'd imagine.) His basketball bag goes in a hallway bin. His hunting guidebook and trapping gear go in his bin. The stuff might still get strewn across the floor throughout your daily life, but by giving all the "stuff" a home it'll be much easier to tidy up when you want things to look presentable.

If you watched our video, you know we don't have the magical answer to a clean entryway, just a few little ideas that add a bit of order to our busy household.

Blessings from our homestead to yours!

Ang & Matt

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