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Changing it up for summer with simple bedroom decor

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Our bedroom has two personalities - one for spring and summer, another for fall and winter. It's not a major overhaul that happens twice a year, it's just a matter of swapping out a few key elements that bring a fresher, lighter look for spring, and a warmer, cozier look for fall, just when I'm craving those things. Nothing expensive or extravagant, and nothing that takes up a lot of space in storage. Read on for my simple tips for adding some simple yet effective touches to your bedroom.

At its roots, my bedroom is pretty basic. My walls are painted a Home Depot color called "Garden Shed" by Behr and my carpet is a similar pale, mossy green. (In my colorful mind, green is sort of a neutral. Think of nature - nothing clashes with green!) Our furniture and trim are all a creamy white color, as is my great-grandma's antique chenille bedspread. This basic backdrop allows me to play with different colors as the seasons change, which is something that I really enjoy. Not only do I love to decorate, but I also love the feeling of "feathering my nest" with items I already have ​​around on hand and creating a cozy space that makes me happy to be home.

For my fall/winter bedroom look, I use a big, fluffy comforter folded at the foot of my bed that adds dark browns and reds to the room. I use a variety of pillow shams and throw pillows to create layers of colors and textures, and my simple burlap valances carry the warmth and texture up onto the windows. These simple accents add just enough weight and color to make the room feel cozier for the cooler seasons. (I forgot to take a good picture of my winter decor but you can see more in the video at the bottom of the post.)

For my spring/summer bedroom look, I pack away all the browns and reds and replace them with light blues and greens via throw pillows, a lightweight quilt, and curtains made out of a tablecloth (does that make you think of the "Sound of Music" scene where they make clothes out of curtains?)

Here's how I created my summer and winter looks...

  • Bedspread: I use a cream colored chenille bedspread year round. It has the vintage look that I love as well as a neutral color scheme that's light and fresh and blends with all other colors.

  • Comforter: We previously used our heavy brown & red comforter on our bed and I still had it in my closet. Folding it at the foot of the bed looks a bit more luxurious, and I can still easily pull it up for warmth on cold nights. For summer, I use a hand-me-down lightweight quilt in light blues and greens while the heavy comforter is stashed on the top shelf of my closet.

  • Pillow shams: I found red floral pillow shams at a thrift store, but I realized that their pattern clashed with the comforter. I flipped them over and use the brown plaid back side. I cover the envelope folds of the shams with a third red plaid sham, which was an unused piece of my son's bedding set. For summer, I use cream colored pillow shams, also from a thrift store.

  • Throw pillows: My two houndstooth pillows actually came with our loveseat and I love the neutral pattern they add. My sweater pillow was created by cutting the body of a sweater into a simple square and sewing it overtop of an old throw pillow that I didn't like. (I saved the sweater arms for other projects, of course!) For summer I cover my sweater pillow with a simple pillowcase that I made out of two floral cloth napkins (I explain this in the video.) I also used a coordinating placemat to create another throw pillow.​​

  • Curtains: I use curtain rings with clips to hang most of my curtains, which makes it very quick and easy. I don't need to sew rod pockets when making curtains, and they allow me to use a placemat or table runner as a valance if I want. For my fall/winter bedroom, I sewed simple burlap valances and left the bottom edge fringed. (Sewing burlap is a bit tricky because of all the loose threads.) For summer, I found a brightly colored floral tablecloth, cut it into panels and sewed the cut edge. I love the fun look of the bright print for summer, and since the room is otherwise fairly neutral, it can handle bold curtains.

  • Accents: On my nightstand, my lamp sits atop a couple of old red books, just for interest. I've also tried adding a red berry wreath above my bed. For summer I swap out the red for blue and green accents, and a vase of cut flowers from my garden add freshness in an instant. You can't go wrong with picture frames, and sometimes I lean a clipboard on my nightstand to display our latest kids' art. I also have a plushy cream colored area rug (not pictured) that adds lots of texture and interest.

Here's how you can achieve a similar look...

  • Bedspread: Work with what you have! If your current bedspread is patterned, your accents can be solid colors. It can also be folded at the foot of the bed and you can used a textured neutral blanket as your "bedspread". If you have room in your budget, you might enjoy treating yourself to a fluffy, luxurious white bedspread...here's an affordable one that would make your bedroom feel like a haven no matter what color your walls are painted.

  • Comforter/throw: Do you have an unused comforter or throw blanket in the closet? Try that. Swap bedding with a friend who also wants to update her look. Check out thrift stores and garage sales. They don't even need to be in perfect condition since they'll be

folded up. The idea is just to add an extra layer of texture and color. If your bedding is a print or colorful, for example if your bedspread is a blue floral print, accents of white, light blue, yellow or coral could bring a light and summery touch to the room. Experiment with color and don't be afraid to add a new shade that's not already used in your decor.

  • Pillow Shams: You might have pillow shams that came with your bedding set or you can find some coordinating or contrasting ones at a thrift store. A couple layers of regular white pillow cases can also look nice. ​​

  • Throw Pillows: Get creative. There are lots of ideas out there for ​​no-sew pillow covers that will allow you to reuse outdated pillows by covering them with fun fabrics or even old shirts. Don't be afraid to add a bright, fun print for summer. Again, if your bedding is already a print, you can use solid colors, or a contrasting print (florals play well with plaids and stripes). Have fun with this and push outside your comfort zone!

  • Curtains: Tablecloths are my go-to solution for finding fun prints at a low cost. A tablecloth is basically a very large piece of material at a lower price than you'd pay at the fabric store. Simply cut long panels from the tablecloth and either sew the cut edge or use a little fabric glue. Using curtain ring clips make it really easy to swap them out. I store my off-season curtains rolled up in my closet to avoid wrinkles. ​

  • Accents: Old books are my favorite - they add the antique look that I love, as well as lots of personality, color and texture. Pick these up for free or cheap at garage sales. I have an assortment of all colors that I use around the house for various seasons. A pretty picture frame or a vase of flowers (real or fake) on your nightstand adds a pop of color. A basket or bowl acts as a drop spot for your watch and chapstick while also adding interest. You can even swap out your wall decor and add a throw rug if you'd like. ​

It can be simple to freshen up your bedroom decor with just a few accents. If you'd like your bedroom to feel just a little more like a relaxing haven, I'd encourage you to consider sprucing things up a bit. It's common for many people to focus their decorating ef

forts on the main areas of their home, and the master bedroom is an afterthought. But the relaxing, cozy feeling of ending your day in a room that makes you feel happy and just a little bit spoiled can be an inexpensive treat that you'll enjoy every night. I hope you'll incorporate a few of these ideas to help create a haven for yourself! You're worth it!

(For more details and how-to's, watch my video where I show how quick and easy it is to switch things up for the seasons!)

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